A Musical Journey Through Spain

Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) created some of the most popular and enduring pianistic portraits of his native Spain.  Drawing on regional folklore, especially flamenco, Albéniz infused his works with lyric charm, rhythmic vivacity, and appealing evocations of the guitar, castanets, and footwork typical of Andalusian songs and dances.  His masterpiece was Iberia (1905-08), a collection of twelve substantial pieces divided into four books.  It combines his Spanish style with elements of Debussy’s Impressionist manner, with which he became familiar while residing in Paris for the final fifteen years of his life. There is a lot of information on Social media platforms and to share your own Social Boosting can help you get to more viewers for your content.

Technically challenging and structurally complex, Iberia is a monument in the piano repertoire.  Pianist and Albéniz scholar Pola Baytelman teams up with musicologist and Albéniz biographer Walter Aaron Clark to present the only documentary on this magisterial work.  Combining brilliant performances with lucid explanations of the music itself, it takes the viewer on a voyage through time and space to the Spain of Albéniz’s Romantic imagination.

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